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Hello- my name is Donald Pash (You can call me Don)

I would Like to welcome you to "Focus to Frame" photography and thank you for visiting my website. I am a landscape, nature, wildlife and cultural event photographer. My real passion is capturing the natural world through my camera lens. I want the viewer to be drawn into my photos with a sense of reality and being there. I hope to arouse the curiosity for people to want to visit and experience places on this beautiful planet that I have had the opportunity to visit. The landscape, wildlife, nature, and peoples of different cultures are what send me out to do photography. I capture a stamp in time at that exact moment that can be, as the old saying goes "have a picture worth a thousand words."

I started my photography way back in 2008 when I visited Yosemite National Park for the first time. I had a little Sony point and shoot camera my wife let me use at the time. When I took those first images of the waterfalls and the beautiful landscape and viewed them on my computer, I was hooked. Right then and there I decided I'm going to be a photographer. I signed up for the professional photographer course through New York Institute of Photography. While taking this course, I purchased my first DSLR camera and a couple of lenses. After I completed the course and receiving my certificate, I began practicing what I had learned. To this day I am still practicing and learning every day. I have traveled all over the Western United States including Alaska and Hawaii taking pictures. I have even made a trip down the Rhine River capturing photos of the Castles that set on the banks of the Rhine. What a beautiful experience that was.

I not only capture images but I also do post processing and print my photos on an Epson wide format printer. I take it even further than that, I make frames out of raw wood and then mat, frame and mount the pictures. That is why I call my business Focus to Frame; I'm the do it all photographer.

I've entered my photography in several photo contests. My photos were selected and displayed in the photography exhibit at the San Diego County Fair. I submitted my pictures to the 2017 Cowboys and Indians National Magazine photo contest, where one of my photos was chosen and printed in the magazine. A professional watercolor painter did one of my pictures in watercolor and placed in a Lake Tahoe Art Gallery.

New York Institute of Photography Certificate of Graduation

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Here is my Certificate of Graduation from New York Institute of Photography.

I completed the Professional Photography Course comprising the technical aspects using a camera, lighting, etc. The course included the whole realm encompassing photojournalism, fashion, studio, product, nature wildlife photography and more.  I highly recommend anyone with a real desire to be a photographer take a serious look at this school of photography.

Matted and Framed Prints

Hre are some examples of my framed art. The frames are solid wood stock. The stained wood picture frames are made from Red Oak and painted frames are select high-quality pine. I print my photographs on Epson Signature Exhibition Fiber printer paper for long lasting archival. All pictures are protected with UV acrylic glaze. The back of the picture is completely sealed with backing paper to keep out dust.  A label is applied to the back with a title and description of the photo along with a wire hanger and wall protectors, making the picture ready to hang.

If you are interested in investing in my art, please send me a message on my contact page. You can also purchase photos directly from my website through Bay Photo Labs in many styles and formats. Just click on the "Buy" button on the bottom right of the image, and you will be linked to the photo lab to complete the purchase.

Tools of the Trade

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Here is my photography framing workshop. It includes a framing table with mat cutter, corner jointer, and corner sander. I use a router and a large selection of router bits to design my frames. A drill press, table saw, and miter saw to round out my tools of the trade.

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